ProPayroll Services Company, a division of Professional Tax & Accounting Services, LTD, has been in the accounting and tax business for over 30 years. From our office in New Holland, PA, we serve all types of businesses, including government agencies, and non-profit organization. We provide our clients with payroll services that are guaranteed to be accurate and delivered on time. No need to worry about tax filing deadlines, or changes in the payroll tax laws. ProPayroll takes care of it for you.

ProPayroll Services Company provides:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax Filing
  • Check Signing
  • Central Checking Account Option
  • Department and Division Summaries
  • Workers’ Compensation Reporting and Audit Assistance
  • Tip Allocation Reporting
  • Labor/Job Costing
  • ACH Vendor Payment
  • 401K Interfaces
  • Pension Plans
  • General Ledger Interfaces
  • Unlimited pay centers and deductions for employees checks

We have numerous plans and options available, that makes our service ideally priced. ProPayroll fees are substantially less than the cost of the large national processors, as well as other local firms. Call today and set-up fees will be waived.